Our Scooter

We have a history of trustworthy and attentive service. Our scooters are
sourced from the latest vehicles available. We have a close relationship with
Peugeot, the manufacturers, and our stock is replaced regularly to offer you
new riding experiences. We have the technical knowledge and equipment to
keep you on the road with bikes in perfect condition.
All our parts are ISO certified and original to give you the confidence of a safe
ride. Each bike is cleaned, maintained and prepared before we rent it to you.

                                          Service hot spots
We are based in Linaria, right by the port, and we have 3 further service hot
spots around the island so we can receive and deliver vehicles to you
wherever you are staying.

                                               Our team

Our skilled mechanics look after every aspect of your scooter rental. Do pop
by to have a chat and look at our bikes. Come and meet us here in Linaria
and let us help you find the best scooter for your needs so you can explore
the beautiful island of Skyros. We care about all the details so you don’t have
to. Renting a scooter is safe, fun and carefree when you choose to use